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Episode 1 with Dr. Stacy Feiner

For the first episode of the Confident Woman Leader Show, Dr. Stacy sharesd her Confident Woman Leader story. Watch the full interview here.

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Episode 3 with Alyssa Huffman

Alyssa is the first woman CEO of an Orthopedic Company. Watch and listen to her story about how she stepped into her confidence and created her company ALLUMIN8.

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Episode 5 with Lucy Adams

Lucy is a member of Diversity Diagnostic Leadership Women's Group and Principal of CDG Engineers. Listen to what she has to say about Diagnostic Thinking. 

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Episode 2 with Swati Tyagi

Swati is a consultant with a global healthcare and data analytics firm with over 13 years of experience. Hear her confident woman leader story all the way from India.

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Episode 4 with Karen Hoffman

Karen is an author and the founder of the nonprofit, Gateway to Dreams. Karen has a passion for strategic introductions and helping people own their gifts.

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Episode 6 with Joanne Yawitz

Joanne has more than 30 years of experience guiding clients along the challenging path of career advancement and attractive job offers. Hear her confidence story here.

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