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About Diagnostic Thinking

Diagnostic Thinking is a JUST IN TIME Women Leadership Development


The program globally vetted coaching program for those who want to break glass the ceilings for work opportunities and who desire to narrate their careers.


Diagnostic Thinking was developed in 2016, by Dina Readinger, after graduating from an esteemed EMBA program in 2018, affirming that women who diagnostically think through business-critical problem accelerate opportunities and significantly increase their financial reward. Academic program currently do not offer what women need the most, each other! Diagnostic Thinking focuses on bringing solutions, reducing fear, wariness, reducing self-sabotage, and decreasing humankind's divide. Women who assist other women in their journey to success find a great personal reward for being a DT group member.

Diagnostic Thinking is a personal and business Thinking process, transforming women leaders into Wonder Women Leaders of today, recognized for their courageous decisions and results-oriented action steps. Diagnostic Thinking Group are built on safety and trust, and is the door that opens possibilities. This foundation allows women leaders to explore how they think and find the group an inspirational way to look at situational leadership opportunities. The stakes are higher than ever for solving business-critical issues. Diagnostic Thinking is just in time team coaching solving today's problems with measurable results. Women who are willing to harness the experiences of other great women leaders find, there is no glass ceiling. 


Women leaders who long to extinguish the voices of judgment, worry and the fear of failure will find the power of a Diagnostic Thinking Group undeniable. Changing how we think changes our future. The power of membership in a DT group is undeniable!

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