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Diagnostic Thinking

Are you stalled on the Corporate Ladder?

Do you want to overcome the disparity between men and women at work?

Are you unsure about what you want to do next and how to get there?


What other women say about diagnostic thinking

Why Join a Diagnostic Thinking Group

Diagnostic Thinking Help Women Conquering Fear

Diagnostic Thinking Creates Confident Women Leader

What is a Diagnostic Thinking Group?

Diagnostic Thinking is a personal and business Thinking process, transforming women leaders into Wonder Women Leaders of today, recognized for their courageous decisions and results-oriented action steps. Diagnostic Thinking groups rely on safety and trust inside of the Diagnostic Thinking session. This foundation allows women leaders to explore how they think and find the group an inspirational way to
look at situational leadership opportunities. The stakes are higher than ever for solving business-critical issues. Diagnostic Thinking is just in time team coaching solving today's problems with measurable results. Women who are willing to harness the experiences of other great women leaders find, there is no glass ceiling. 
Women leaders who long to extinguish the voices of judgment, worry, and the fear of failure will find the power of a Diagnostic Thinking Group undeniable. Changing how we think changes our future. The power of membership in a DT group is undeniable!


Design the Life of Your Dreams




This group allows me to live in my truth and keep my eyes wide open to all the motivations of others and different perspectives of the situation. It gives me confidence in myself and allows me to think through the issues and break down problems for succinct actionable steps for my desired outcomes.

Abby Kepple

President, Tax Credit Services at Enterprise Bank & Trust

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